Good to see you!

I’m Marcel, an engineer who really enjoys all things blockchain. Welcome to my website.

About me

Things I am / do / like

  • A blockchain enthusiast - I believe in the vision of the Web3
  • Currently building out Toucan Protocol where I wrote a major part of the smart contracts
  • interested in consensus, cross-chain, L2s and zk tech
  • formerly worked at Deutsche Telekom in a blockchain staking/validation unit
  • I enjoy writing and reading code (Solidity, Rust, Go)
  • a graduated mechanical and renewable energies engineer
  • speaking German, English and Portuguese (and some Spanish)
  • I love live music, travelling, exploring, surfing, skating
  • lifelong learning is one of my core values
  • I am happy to be here

Latest Post

May 13, 2021

Decentralization is blockchain’s key ingredient

What are the defining properties of a blockchain and why can we draw an analogy to ants? If we think of a single ant, we can conclude that it cannot achieve all that much by itself and after a short while looking at it, most people would get bored. On the contrary, an ant colony in action would spark a strong sense of fascination in most of us. Sophisticated communication mechanisms allow the ant colony to make efficient decisions, solve complex problems and build a secure nest. [...] Read more


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